Student Update – EO 20-99

In light of Executive Order 20-99 that will take effect on Friday, November 20 at 11:59 pm, NCC is preparing for the closure of our facilities. NCC is categorized as a public place of accommodation that will be prohibited to remain open to members of the public to mitigate the transmission of COVID-19. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we navigate this situation with the utmost consideration for collective health and safety, and for wrapping up your class experience effectively. NCC facilities will be closed to students beginning this Friday, November 20 at 11:30 pm. Students will receive a prorated refund for the truncated classes and may utilize Open Studio and attend classes until then. To prepare for this shutdown and to finish up work from your classes, students will need to make sure they have done the following:

  • All work to be bisqued and glazed needs to be on a cart by Friday at 11:30 pm. 
  • To increase access to glazing, an additional set of glazes has been added to the hallway outside of the glaze bay. Remember to sign up in Open Studio to utilize this area (; 
  • Bring home any finished glaze-ware from the carts as well as tools and clay that you have stored at NCC.
  • Greenware that cannot be completed in time for bisque-firing can be recycled in reclaim bins.

If you were not able to finish glazing your work, it will be stored in its bisqued state until we are safely able to reopen our facilities. Our goal is to offer a regulated sign-up opportunity for students to glaze unfinished work as it is permissible by the state. We will also be working on a strategy to facilitate the safe pick-up of your work once the Executive Order has been lifted.

Prorated refunds 
You will be receiving the prorated refund for the amount proportional to the number of canceled class sessions. Prorated refunds for the truncated classes can be returned, at your discretion, in any of the following ways:

  • refunded to your original payment source, 
  • transferred to a gift card, 
  • or made as a donation to NCC at your request.

Please follow this link to indicate how you would like us to proceed with your funds. Even if you have already submitted this form after the first announcement of early class cancelation, you will need to re-submit this form as the prorated amounts have changed (even if you are in a Thursday class whose refund amount hasn’t changed). Please note the prorated amounts for return at the top of the fillable form. To continue supporting our ongoing operations and mission, we invite you to consider the following options for your prorated class refunds: make a donation to NCC or utilize a gift card refund amount to become a member or purchase work online. We are so grateful to the NCC community for demonstrating their support for our mission and organization during the many challenges of this year. We will begin processing refunds/gift cards/donations at the beginning of December. 

Because many of these registrations came in through our website, we will be able to process these transactions directly to the purchase card and send you a receipt via email as we hear from you regarding how you would like us to proceed. Some of your refunds will require us to contact you to complete the transaction. We ask for your continued patience while we strive to issue refunds in a timely fashion.