July Featured Artists

July 6 – August 1, 2021
Sales Gallery
Christina Erives, Adam Gruetzmacher, Maggie Jaszczak

Christina Erives, Adam Gruetzmacher, Maggie Jaszczak

The height of warm weather is the perfect time to change a bit of your surroundings by starting, or adding to, your ceramic collection. Erives draws upon her heritage and imbues her own sense of humor with color to create tiles and functional vessels with engaging graphic sensibilities. Gruetzmacher offers contemporary and strong forms serving as host to deliberate, monochromatic surfaces. Jaszczak brings a quieter body of work with calm, but powerful, wares glazed in a soft, organic palette. Even a “collection” of one piece can offer a moment in the day to recognize a bit of good happening in the world, right?

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