June Featured Artists

June 2 – July 3, 2021
Sales Gallery
Brian Geier, Lee Love, Monica Rudquist, Christy Wert

Brian Geier, Lee Love, Monica Rudquist, Christy Wert

It’s finally summer and time to consider a little pottery self-care or gift for another. Please welcome this month’s featured artists by bringing their artwork to your (or someone’s) table, home office, or maybe that’s the same thing? Perhaps it’s a complete new set of contemporary ceramic dinnerware by Rudquist or Wert you crave after dining at home for months, or perhaps you learned you prefer a table full of Mingei-sota wares by several different artists like Love, or that your Google Meet screen needs a little Geier bud vase in the background to cheer you up? The beauty and satisfaction of food and flowers are elevated when offered in ceramic wares. This never changes.

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