Memento Mori

MARCH 6 – APRIL 16, 2022
Main Gallery
Curated by Heather Nameth Bren

The Latin phrase, memento mori, translates to, “Remember that you must die.” The purpose of this exhibition is to explore how artists have responded to themes of death in the wake of a modern global pandemic. Throughout the ages, contemplating death has been a major theme in the arts. Although the concept of death is unpleasant, facing the inevitability of death has numerous benefits: to remind of the temporal nature of our human existence, to inspire moral resistance to earthly pleasures, and to appreciate vitality of life and fleeting beauty, while acknowledging the permanence of death.

Clay and ceramic art have inherent metaphors of life cycles in the material stages of clay from its formation from the earth and once living organic matter. 

Artists in this exhibition include: Marisa Finos, Jeanne Quinn, Arun Sharma, and Dirk Staschke.

Beyond the exhibition of art works, this theme allows for workshops that address art as therapy for individuals who have experienced loss and for those with terminal illness.

About the Artists

Artist bios to follow.

Related Event

Memento Mori Panel Discussion
Thursday, March 3, 6 pm, FREE

Observe a remote panel featuring Memento Mori curator, Heather Nameth Bren, along with artists in the exhibition as they discuss their visual responses to the theme of memento mori, in the wake of a modern global pandemic.

Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour available late January, 2022.

Purchase Work

A selection of work from the exhibition will be available to purchase directly from our website. If you would like to enquire about work not online, please contact us at 612.339.8007, or, we’ll be happy to help!