Victor Sánchez

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Victor is a visual artist living and working in Minneapolis. His background traverses many artistic disciplines including dance, theater, music, set design, graphic design, exhibit design, art installation, mural design, and illustration. Growing up in Chicago left an indelible presence on Victor’s sense of diversity, poverty, ingenuity, and grit. Struggling to succeed in Catholic school, and often caught in the act of drawing in classes, led him to unrewarding chores and homework. He filled his evenings and weekends traveling on the elevated train and studying classical ballet till the age of fifteen. As a student at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago he majored in industrial design and sculpture in clay, moving afterwards to Minnesota to study drawing and painting, art history, theology, flamenco, aikido, and organic gardening. Victor has a passion for making fermented foods, is a connoisseur of sauces, is curious about vermiculture, and is learning the art of making mead. Victor believes a healthy community is like a garden, diverse in fauna and flora which may include weeds. Victor loves to build things, and his family has been supportive of most, but not all, of his quirks. Oh yes, he also loves roller skating, soccer, futsal, ping pong, and dodgeball.