Miranda Kieren

Miranda Kieren is a multi-media artist from Western Wisconsin. Ever curious, determined to learn as much as possible about literally everything, and never one to put herself in a corner creatively, she’s taken an interest and explored her skills in many mediums throughout her life, including but not limited to: painting, scrimshaw (engraving on bone), pastry arts, ceramics, makeup artistry, sewing, and jewelry making. She discovered clay for the first time at age 10 when she was a winner in a wheel-throwing competition for making the tallest pot (it was very ugly. But it won anyway, which is the important part). Then, through a series of vaguely connected events, she found her way to NCC after graduating from the University of Wisconsin- River Falls with a BFA in painting, art history, and ceramics. When she’s not working or in the studio, she can be found reading fantasy and mystery novels (or the occasional comic book), developing new recipes in the kitchen, hanging out with her cat Eleanor (who is, objectively speaking, the cutest cat in the world), tending to the 30+ plants she has in the rainforest she refers to as her “living room,” or staring at the ground looking for cool rocks.