APF for artists

American Pottery Festival information for invited artists

The American Pottery Festival (APF) is NCC’s annual fundraising benefit. Talented artists (usually 25) from across the country will offer a sneak peek inside their wheelhouses with lectures and panel discussions, gallery chats, demonstrations, and outstanding ceramic wares.

2022’s APF Invited Artists are:
Darcy Delgado, Maria Dondero, Christina Margarita Erives, Brett Freund, Delvin M. Goode, Nancy Green, Turiya Gross, Sarah Haven, Joshua Hebbert, Mike Jabbur, Maggie Jaszczak, Tom Jaszczak, Lee Love, Mary Martin, Lizbeth Navarro, Kip O’Krongly, Brent Pafford, Patti Paiz-Jones, Al Clemente Saks, Tricia Schmidt, Mike Stumbras, Minsoo Yuh, Sunkoo Yuh

If you have any questions about the information, please email Tippy at tippymaurant@northernclaycenter.org

What We Provide

  • Artist commission is 50% of all sales
  • your work is included in a gorgeous catalog publication!
  • NCC will cover the shipping cost for all artists who identify as BIPOC and who are new to NCC. We can either gather the shipping information from you and send you labels for UPS or we can reimburse you once receipts are sent. Whichever works best for you is best for us, and if you have additional solutions you prefer, we will work with that too!
  • There are opportunities for artist lectures during the weekend, along with possibility of workshop, demo, panel, or offsite education engagement – we will know more once we have the full roster, and the latter opportunities offer an honorarium regardless of whether the event is in person or virtual.
  • NCC may ask to hold on to work for the Holiday Exhibition, the final decision will be made during the weekend of APF. If this is the case, more work may also be requested to ensure a healthy offering of works through the end of the year.
  • NCC will work to provide in-home accommodations for participating artists during the Festival (Thursday – Saturday evenings) and transportation to and from the airport if necessary provided we can hold the event in person.
  • Each APF Artist in attendance will receive one complimentary admission ticket, in addition to their own, to the Opening Night Party (public pays $25), as well as invitations to Thursday’s cocktail reception and Saturday evening’s happy hour. Admission to the Festival sale, and to all workshops, lectures, and other similar events are free for the APF Artist and one guest.

Important Dates

January 2022NCC sends out contracts with full details and deadlines
ASAP on receiptDue to NCC: signed contract, W-9, artist statement, and short bio with basic CV info.
February 14Due to NCC: 25 pieces (negotiable) plus one small donation item due for Preview Show and NCECA
1 – 3 artworks for inclusion in the printed APF catalog
August 850 – 60 additional pieces due for the American Pottery Festival event
Travel itinerary if attending in person
September 1-4American Pottery Festival weekend (see below)

Festival Schedule

Thurs., Sept. 16 – 8 pmWelcome Cocktail Party with Collectors
Fri., Sept. 2

4 – 9 pm

4 pm
5 – 6 pm
6 – 9 pm
Opening Night Benefit Sale & Party

Artist Hour in the gallery
NCC Members Preview Hour
General Admission
Sat., Sept. 3

9:30 am – 5:30 pm

5 – 7 pm
Benefit Sale
Workshops & Talks
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner provided

Artist, Staff, and Volunteer Happy Hour
Sun., Sept. 4

9:30 am – 2:30 pm

2:30 – 5:30 pm
Benefit Sale
Workshops & Talks
Breakfast and lunch provided

Artists and staff de-install and pack work

Additional Opportunities

Each year at APF, we work to get every artist on the roster involved in a related activity as a way of further promoting their work and unique insights, and to offer them a chance to contribute to the rich exchange of ideas that takes place during this congregation of artists and the clay-loving community. 

We offer a variety of related activities to involve artists in the festival, and here are the opportunities that you may be asked to participate in:

Artist talk
A 15 – 20 min presentation that can range from a traditional slide lecture to a short demonstration—a great way to introduce a wide audience to you and your work. Artist talks are free to attend. 

Pre-festival workshop
a longer workshop opportunity offered on the Thursday or Friday of the festival week. Workshops are at least three hours in length and include a hands-on component for participants. This opportunity includes an honorarium for the artist and there is a cost to attend these workshops. 

Demonstration workshop
We pair up APF artists for a who have a common thread or a complementary process for a one-hour demonstration workshop on the weekend of the festival. Two artists demonstrate simultaneously while discussing the workshop theme or related topics. These opportunities include an honorarium and participants pay to attend a full-day of workshops. 

Pre- or Post-festival visit to an area school, college, or university to lecture or demonstrate
NCC coordinates with outside institutions to set up an artist visit with a traveling APF artist. This is a paid opportunity.

You will be asked to indicate which opportunities you’d be interested in participating in on your artist contract. NCC’s Artist Services Coordinator will be in touch with you early in the year to involve you in events. 

Past Festivals