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Memento Mori & Fandom open

March 4 - April 16

Memento Mori
The Latin phrase, memento mori, translates to, “Remember that you must die.” The purpose of this exhibition is to explore how artists have responded to themes of death in the wake of a modern global pandemic. Throughout the ages, contemplating death has been a major theme in the arts. Although the concept of death is unpleasant, facing the inevitability of death has numerous benefits: to remind of the temporal nature of our human existence, to inspire moral resistance to earthly pleasures, and to appreciate vitality of life and fleeting beauty, while acknowledging the permanence of death.
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Fandom is an exhibition to ‘ship ceramics and fandoms of all types. This exhibition serves to take all our loves and bring them together into a beautiful mélange of an exhibition celebrating our collective nerdiness. With this exhibition, we hope to bring new voices into the more formal setting of the gallery.
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March 4
April 16
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