We’ve been working hard to put over 800 new pieces online just for NCECA! We’re so excited to introduce our 2021 American Pottery Festival artists, new NCECA guest artists, and a selection of our 2020 Emerging Artist Grant Recipients!

Grants for Artists

NCC proudly facilitates grant programs for current students, recent graduates, and emerging and mid-career artists.

Each year we want to increase our reach into the depth of talent in the region, the nation, and the globe. We have updated our application process to be more inclusive of a variety of backgrounds.

Join Our Team

We’re hiring!

Northern Clay Center is in search of a highly skilled part-time Education Technician and Resident Artist to expand our team and help to achieve our mission to advance the ceramic arts for artists, learners, and the community, through education, exhibitions, and artist services. The Education Technician is responsible for the daily flow of work produced by Northern Clay Center’s education programs—management of raw materials, ensuring best safety practices in materials lab, firing clay works, etc.—and is an integral part of the community-centered environment at NCC.

Apply to the Sales Gallery

Northern Clay Center will conduct its biennial review of Sales Gallery artists in summer of 2021. The review allows for both a consideration of work by new artists, and a reevaluation of work presently in the Sales Gallery. Artists who are juried into the Sales Gallery may be represented year-round, during the Holiday Exhibition, for a Featured Artist show, or all of the above. A panel of NCC staff and non-staff individuals who are knowledgeable of ceramics, art, design, and retail, will jury the work.

Propose an Exhibition

Northern Clay Center continually solicits guest curators and exhibition proposals for the Emily Galusha Gallery. These exhibitions require artwork made either partially or completely of ceramic materials. The gallery space measures 31’ x 19’ with a wall height of 11’. There are two windows on the south wall of the space. The maximum size for an object is 9.5’ x 5.5’.

Proposals can be for solo or group exhibitions. Proposals incorporating original or unique pieces made specifically for exhibition at NCC or in response to the space are most likely to be considered.