Duck, Duck, Grey Duck

FEBRUARY 1 – JULY 31, 2019
Curated by NCC

Duck, Duck, Grey Duck is the uniquely Minnesotan name for the childhood game called Duck, Duck, Goose in every other region around the country. Likewise, in the ceramics community, no matter the title, some things are inherently the same across regions. Ceramics, ceramist, pottery, potter, claywork, and maker are all words employed to describe the artists working and the objects made in the community of clay. No matter the moniker, the reality in each of our Midwest states is also the same: there is incredible diversity and talent in the myriad ceramic artists in our region, seemingly unmatched by any other in our country. This exhibition celebrates the regionally unique field of ceramics and highlights over a dozen makers from the area who push the boundaries of the material, honor the unparalleled lineage of ceramics in the Midwest, and expand the viewers’ understanding of the importance of this area’s place in the world of clay. 

Curated by NCC, the show takes place at the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport, Terminal 1, in the new food court (opening early in 2019).