Application Tips

Application Tips

Image Guidelines & Tips

Please do not display your name or any other information on the image. Image files should be labeled with last name, first initial, and numbers, indicating your preferred viewing order (example: DoeJImage1.jpg).

Images should be saved in JPEG format at 300 pixels per inch (ppi). Each image should be at least 1500 pixels along the image’s shortest side. This ensures we have good quality images should you be selected to receive a grant or residency.

Technical questions should be directed to Amanda Dobbratz at

Sample Applications

What is an Emerging Artist?

We use a broad and elastic definition of “emerging.” The following is adapted from the Jerome Foundation:

There is no exact and singular definition of an emerging creative artist. Our emerging artist programs support those artists who show significant potential, yet are under-recognized.

Emerging artists:

  • are the principal creators of new work
  • take risks and embrace challenges
  • develop voices revealing significant potential
  • are rigorous in their approach to creation and production
  • have some evidence of professional achievement but not a substantial record of accomplishment
  • are not recognized as established artists by other artists, curators, producers, critics, and arts administrators

Career stage is a factor but not a limiting one. Many emerging artists fall in the early career category, but not all do. Age is not a factor in determining an emerging artist.