Artist Services

Artist Services

Artist Services

Northern Clay Center is proud to support ceramic artists of all career stages, techniques, and backgrounds. We offer studio space for clay artists, manage several grant and residency programs, and offer professional development through Minnesota New Institute for Ceramic Education.

Artist Studios

The facilities are designed to allow ceramic artists to work in an environment that encourages individual expression and artistic growth. NCC strives to include a mix of artists, spanning different stages of experience and specific expressions in clay. We aim for a lively working environment, where artists are encouraged to develop and exchange ideas with their peers. One of the ways NCC facilitates growth is through a unique accountability agreement which promotes activity in areas of professional development, advancement, and service.

Grants for Artists

Residencies & Fellowships

NCC proudly facilitates grant programs for current students, recent graduates, and emerging and mid-career artists.

Each year we want to increase our reach into the depth of talent in the region, the nation, and the globe. We have updated our application process to be more inclusive of a variety of backgrounds.

Minnesota New Institute for Ceramic Education

MN NICE is a rigorous program developed in collaboration with Program Head, Ursula Hargens. MN NICE provides personalized professional development for artists who are serious about taking the next step in their ceramic evolution. The program is designed to respond to the changing needs of emerging makers with high-level training and mentorship in ceramic materials, history and theory, and professional practice. Through innovative instruction and individual mentorship, artists build skills, knowledge, and insight.

Current Residents & Fellows

Roberta Massuch

McKnight Resident 2021
Jerome Project Grant 2009
Fogelberg Fellow 2008

Edith Garcia

McKnight Resident 2021, 2012, 2005
Jerome Project Grant 1999

Clarice Allgood

Teaching Artist
Studio Program
Fogelberg Fellow 2020
MN NICE Alum 2019