Artist Studios

Artist Studios

Artist Studios

The facilities are designed to allow ceramic artists to work in an environment that encourages individual expression and artistic growth. NCC strives to include a mix of artists, spanning different stages of experience and specific expressions in clay. We aim for a lively working environment, where artists are encouraged to develop and exchange ideas with their peers. One of the ways NCC facilitates growth is through a unique accountability agreement which promotes activity in areas of professional development, advancement, and service.

  • To address the needs of individual professionally-minded ceramic artists by providing working space and facilities, artistic development, income from their profession, and public exposure
  • To support a creatively rigorous atmosphere, which fosters critical dialogue in a dynamic community


  • Affordable studio space for resident ceramic artists for one to ten years
  • 24-hour access to facility and equipment, including kilns (gas, soda, electric), glaze-mixing room, wheel classrooms with 44 wheels, handbuilding classroom with slab roller and extruder
  • Private studios: from 95 to 210 square feet; one-year licenses are renewed annually; available on a competitive, juried basis
  • Shared Community Studio: 35 – 72 square feet of vertical storage space and use of common worktables,  wheels, slab roller and extruder.


Northern Clay Center encourages applicants who represent the full range of artistic styles, and is committed to supporting a diverse pool of artists whose work demonstrates strong artistic merit and initiative. Accordingly, we strive for our studio program to represent, as possible, artists that are diverse in genre, expertise, gender, race, ethnicity and geography. 

A college degree or professional training are NOT required to apply for this, or any NCC program or grant. We encourage applicants who would like to make clay and creativity a continuing part of their lives and development, even if they do not or have not pursued it in a post-secondary institutional setting.

Selection criteria include:

  • Professional experience
  • Quality of work
  • Evidence of necessary technical skills
  • Potential interest in other NCC programs

Selection Process

Those interested in the Studio Program are able to apply for space within the shared studio or a private space individually or within a single application. While the selection process differs between the two, the required application materials are the same for both. As you prepare to apply to be a part of NCC’s Studio Program, you need to complete and upload the following materials:

Applications submitted for space within the shared studio are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. While applications may be submitted at any time, it is common for there to be a waitlist for a space to become available. Should there not be an opening at the time of your applications submission, you will be placed on the waitlist and contacted when you are next in cue for space in the shared studio.

Applications for private and semi-private studio spaces are juried on an as needed basis. Consisting of current representatives from the studio program, NCC staff, and professionals working in the field, panelists convene to discuss and select applicants to occupy vacant studio spaces within the program and alternates for those that become available before the next jury date. During the review process, panelists will collectively review all of the submitted materials and discuss each application to determine the strongest candidates and the greatest potential impact on both the artist and NCC community.