Ceramic Classes at NCC

As we begin to emerge from a time of prolonged and challenging adjustments, we push forward with a practice that has always been a teacher of resiliency—ceramics.

As the weather warms and our surroundings come back to life, spring back into your favorite practice or swing with something new altogether in the studios at Northern Clay Center. A talented, well-rounded cast of new and returning teaching artists are ready to guide the next steps in your clay experience with a wide variety of foundational offerings, beginner and intermediate classes, and a number of Special Topics classes and workshops.

Meet our Teaching Artists

2021 Safety Guide

NCC is implementing public health safety strategies to mitigate any potential spread of COVID-19 within our facilities. The following guidelines are mandatory and must be adhered to by all who enter our studios so that we can provide the safest possible environment for students, teaching artists, and staff. If it has been brought to ourContinue reading “2021 Safety Guide”


Let’s get clay in your community

Northern Clay Center creates clay programming for partners including residential care facilities, public schools, after school programs, youth outreach, and more.

Resources for Art Educators

Minnesota New Institute for Ceramic Education

Now entering its seventh year, MN NICE is a rigorous program developed in collaboration with Program Head Ursula Hargens. MN NICE provides personalized professional development for artists who are serious about taking the next step in their ceramic evolution.