Student Info

Student Info

Important Announcements

Northern Clay Center’s COVID-19 Vaccination Mandate
NCC will mandate COVID-19 vaccination for all students, studio artists, teaching artists, and staff who enter our building beginning on September 13, 2021. For the wellbeing of our community, it is necessary to do everything we can to preserve the health of all individuals who utilize our facility, and setting a mandated standard is an important step in keeping NCC a safe space to engage with clay and community.

Open Studio Schedule

Sign up online in advance for access to Open Studio!

Students must make a reservation to utilize Open Studio at NCC. Open Studio times are Mondays, 4:00 – 9:00 pm, Tuesdays, 9 am – 12 am, Wednesdays – Sundays, 9 am – 9 pm, and is limited to 8 people per studio.

Important Dates for Current Students

Studio Technicians use chalk on bisqueware to date and track pieces. Please glaze your bisqueware by the chalking dates listed below, or keep it in your tool/work storage area. The chalk can be washed off for glazing. Remember to glaze as you go!

Below, you will also find your deadlines for working wet, leatherhard, and glazing. All work must be ON THE CART to be bisqued by the end of your second to last class date, no exceptions.

2021 Safety Guide

NCC is implementing public health safety strategies to mitigate any potential spread of COVID-19 within our facilities. The following guidelines are mandatory and must be adhered to by all who enter our studios so that we can provide the safest possible environment for students, teaching artists, and staff. If it has been brought to ourContinue reading “2021 Safety Guide”