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As if to embody the year 2020 as we now understand it, Scale is an evolving theme in evolving times. Prior to the murder of George Floyd in May, and the related civil unrest and protests, the exhibition, Scale, was pursued as an exploration of literal, relative, and metaphorical concepts. Because our home, Minneapolis, is at the epicenter of what is now a global mobilization, Scale also now necessarily relates to identity politics.

To quote Nuokan Huang, one of the artists featured in the exhibition, “We decide all objects to be big or small when compared to the amount of space we take up as humans. We’ve adopted ourselves as the standard for measurements.” A subtler (or maybe not so subtle) aspect of “scale” for this exhibition explores its connection with prevailing conversations as well as with VOTE!, the concurrent exhibition. There we will showcase artists who engage with questions of politics, citizenry, and activism through multiple lenses and will also serve as a physical and virtual site for local organizations to host voter registration drives, voter information meetings, and town halls. Scale will underscore the nature of equality and justice for artists and the work they create. The exhibition will engage the viewer with questions about the inequality of engaging with work. Did the viewer make assumptions about the work based on the gender identity of the artist? The culture? The name recognition? Mere placement in the space? Is it “just” to offer accolades to a known artist who might possibly be highly reputable due to benefits reaped from a history of institutionalized prejudices? Are the scales balanced for all who create? Like VOTE!Scale will be a positive exploration that puts ceramic art at the forefront in an environment of genuine proactive and educational conversation.

Guest artists include Morel Doucet, Nuokan Huang, Victoria Jang, and Daniel Velasquez.

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This event is free and open to the public.

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Daniel Velasquez is a muralist, designer, environmentalist, humanitarian, and potter who uses art as a dialogue with inhabitants in an environment to foster a sense of community within a public space. Velasquez will discuss how he developed a style and voice to express himself in a unique way on pottery and will demonstrate his methods for storytelling on a surface.

X13: Thursday, October 15, 6 – 8pm CT