2021 23rd Annual American Pottery Festival Review

This year’s American Pottery Festival (APF) left all of us here loving the clay community as we reflected on the accomplishments of everyone who helped us make the Center’s second virtual version of our American Pottery Festival a truly meaningful, successful, gorgeous, and unexpectedly connected event. APF weekend always, always, gives us new reasons to appreciate the artists and all of you who support them during the weekend, and this year was no different. Far from a simple fundraiser, this event brought with it waves of talent, generosity, inspiration, and endless new connections for everyone. We secretly worried that the world had burned through its virtual support reserves, but to our sheer delight, everyone showed up with enthusiasm, thoughtfulness, and a wealth of validation for one another. We here at NCC miss you all so much!

Cheers to the list of highlights from 2021:

  • Of the 29 invited artists on this year’s roster, 24 offered virtual demonstrations, workshops, and talks from their studios, homes, and backyards for a grateful audience of over 300 total participants from all over the country and world;
  • Gallery appointments created the opportunity to open our doors to an enthusiastic audience in the safest of means. The first day was such a success, we refunded all tickets for the remainder of the event and opened the doors with free access;
  • Personal shopping services and an online presence unlike any other NCC has offered created the space for guests to purchase work from all over the world.

For the NCC Crew that remains at the venue after the weekend, while everyone turns off their Zoom cameras and dives back into their everyday lives, there are endless memories and a deep well of gratitude for the contributions of so many artists, collectors, supporters, and others. A special thank you goes out to those friends, students, and collectors who trusted us and took a risk on a socially-distanced experience or hybrid workshop offering and to anyone who purchased work in support of our annual fundraiser. If you participated in the festival in any way, please know you are appreciated and that this thankfulness doesn’t fade! The event might be over, but we are all still sharing stories and laughing, marveling, and sending you our deepest respect.

We are already well on our way to planning 2022 APF—be sure to mark your calendars for September 2 – 4! Yes! It’s another Labor Day Weekend event, and no, we have no idea what the world has in store for our 24th annual event, but we will be ready!