April Featured Artists

April 2 – April 28, 2024
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Milo Berezin, Eric Jensen, Colleen Riley, Sandra Torres

Milo Berezin, Eric Jensen, Colleen Riley, Sandra Torres

Milo Berezin
Pittsburgh, PA

Bio to follow.

Eric Jensen
Chicago, IL

Eric Jensen received his MFA in ceramics from Cranbrook Academy of Art and has over forty-five years of experience in producing functional ware. In 1975, Jensen, along with several other artists, set up Lillstreet Studios in Chicago. “I come from a family of hand workers, so I feel I’m obeying my genetic code,” he says. “My goal is simplicity. If I were to name a source of inspiration, it might be water-smoothed stones and wood, Shaker furniture, or the writings of Wallace Stegner.”

Colleen Riley
Eureka Township, MN

Colleen Riley’s work is a reflection of her connection to the ever-changing rural environment surrounding her home studio in Eureka Township, Minnesota, 30 miles south of Minneapolis. Her pots celebrate the historic ceramic tradition of decorative botanical imagery by employing the patterns and textures of the Minnesota landscape—spring wildflowers, a carpet of decaying leaves in the woods, or the contours of a freshly plowed field. Early 20th century European objects and the strong lines of mid-century furnishings, prints, and textiles inspire her forms. Atmospheric firing gives a complex, aged quality to the clay’s surface, adding an element of surprise, which ensures that each piece is lively, unique, and inviting to the touch.

Sandra Torres
Ojai, CA

Originally trained as an architect, Sandra Torres eventually transferred her creative outlet into clay work. Her ceramic education started under the wing of a master ceramist at an experimental studio in Mexico City. In southern California, she continued her learning in three different studios. Torres spent time in China and Mexico to research traditional clay technique. An apprenticeship at Studio Pieter Stockmans in Genk, Belgium had a great impact on her work and later directed her to be an artist in residence at the International Ceramics Studio in Kecskemet, Hungary. Torres’ work explores the effect of small but significant variations within repetition of shape, size and patterns. She has chosen a process that allows her to create contrast of color, while maintaining the soft bare feeling and translucency of the porcelain–delicate to the sight, yet strong to the touch.