Repetitive Play

NOVEMBER 23, 2014– JANUARY 5, 2015
Emily Galusha Gallery

Repetitive Play, a collaborative group composed of Merrick Anderson, Colin Klimesh, Ming Tang, and Broc Toft, “fuses [their] mutual interest in form, line, geometry, technique, and the ceramic process in an attempt to activate space and engage the viewer.” Working in multiples, the artists took general ceramic forms and literally played in a space. The versatile forms encouraged the collaborators to consider placement, orientation, juxtaposition, and grouping to create something fun and new, while they provoked a discussion about ceramic tradition and commercial consumer culture. Each installation by the group was a reaction to a unique space. They noted that while “for every installation there is a general plan of action… we leave a certain amount of room for intuitive reaction and play in the space.” 

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