American Pottery Festival 2017

SEPTEMBER 8 – 10, 2017
Galusha Gallery, Main Gallery, Sales Gallery

The American Pottery Festival is an annual three-day event that serves as our largest fundraising event each year, and is a mindfully-forged platform to bring together makers, clay lovers, learners, collectors, and the simply curious to play and be inspired.

Each year, the event includes artists from large and small markets around the country, from all career stages and ages, and some local gems. The richness of experience, knowledge, and generosity represented by 2017’s artists will provide learning opportunities for everyone, from student to collector to fellow maker. The weekend is always filled opportunities to engage directly with artists during image presentations, workshops, lectures, panel discussions, and casual gallery chats.

Participating artists include: 

Jason Bige Burnett, Birdie Boone, Mary Briggs, Bulldog Pottery, Pattie Chalmers, Sarah Chenoweth-Davis, Sam Chung, Marty Fielding, Ernest Gentry, Bianka Groves, Richard Gruchalla & Carrin Rosetti, Amy Halko, Lydia Johnson, Kate Johnston, Matt Jorgensen, Joe Kraft, Suze Lindsay, Beth Lo, Kent McLaughlin, Jeffrey Oestreich, Matt Repsher, Sue Tirrell, Kurt Brian Webb

Find more information about events, workshops, and how to buy work online here.