February Featured Artists

FEBRUARY 1 – MARCH 1, 2020
Sales Gallery
Casey Beck, Matt Kelleher, David Swenson, Lars Voltz

February Featured Artists: Casey Beck, Matt Kelleher, David Swenson, Lars Voltz

February’s featured artists invite you to bring your love of pottery onto your table full-time. Regardless of what what you eat, take the time to design how your meal is served. Do you prefer the warm hues, designed to evolve and carry memory, of Beck’s wood-fired pots? Perhaps you crave the subtle soda-fired surface playing off of the strong forms and thoughtful textures of Kelleher’s pots. It may be that you’re drawn to the alluring clash of history, imagination, and elegant function of Swenson’s offerings. And, there is a place at every table for the domestic wares offered by Voltz that are both evocative of massive geologic structures and a triumph of material. Come explore their work in the context of “@MakerToTable” and honor generations of functional ceramics in the home.