Leila Denecke

Drawing upon varying stimuli from her surroundings and past experiences, Andrea Leila Denecke (Scandia, MN) creates functional objects, sculptures, and installations to elicit a sense of strength and timelessness. Reminiscent of historical tools and structures, her work is powerful in its simplicity and presented in a manner with which Denecke provides the viewer an island of tranquility for contemplation. Utilizing traditional wheel-throwing and construction methods, her minimalistic forms are completed by means of long- practiced soda-firing techniques.

Denecke received her MFA from Louisiana State University after four years of study in Japan at the Tekisui Museum of Art and the Ceramic Art Research Institute. She has received 2020, 2008, and 2004 McKnight Ceramic Artist Fellowships from NCC and participated in the artist-in-residence program in Seto, Japan in fall 2001. Additionally, she completed a residency at the Franconia Sculpture Park in Taylor’s Falls. Her pots and sculpture can be found in NCC’s sales gallery.