Clarice Allgood

I consider the pots I choose to make as tools. Some are tools of conviviality but most are objects that support moments of engaged solitude such as knitting, gardening, reading, and cooking. These pots inhabit the world I want to live in, inclusive of any and all activities which encourage self-reliance and connection. I make for a culture composed of well used objects rather than consumed ones. These objects feel particularly applicable to where we find ourselves today. Studio practice means tinkering with variations of yarn bowls, watering pots, bookends, and kitchen aids, as well as serving pieces for intimate gatherings. I hope to offer objects which might lend delight, beauty, and comfort in this new world of ours.

A nomadic, modest upbringing, rich in craft and thrift, instilled a “make do” aesthetic in me and inspired a trust in handiwork and available resources. In this vein, my work focuses on sharing this trust by re-purposing conventional standard ware forms, recycling motifs of indistinct eras, and design elements of other handcrafts. Formulated duets of slips and glazes enhance the vagaries of atmospheric soda firing and ambiguities of pattern, providing an ultimate record of the surrender to uncertainty. Along the warp and the changeable, instances of unity and equilibrium are infinitely and heartbreakingly present for discovery. Everything is its own reward.