Logan Chyla

I really enjoy the act of making. For me, wheel throwing gives the most immediate sense of satisfaction—watching the clay come to life on the initial pull and then evolve into its final shape. I use two clay bodies in my work, B clay, a white clay body which blushes nicely into golds and oranges and accentuate textures, and soda clay, a dark brown stoneware that contrasts with bright orange flashing slips. My forms are pushed and stretched to show plasticity and volume. I enjoy how soft clay records and responds to the human touch. My pieces will often have ridges or indentations to show hints of the making process. I aim to throw shapes and decorate with flashing slips in a way that allows the fire and soda ash to make their own unpredictable marks.

I make pots for the table. I love transforming a lump of clay into a useful pot—an object that has a place in someone’s everyday life. I make my work to form a relationship with the people who use my pots. In our culture of instant gratification, we often don’t consider where or how our everyday objects are made. Objects with a personal connection or a story can be much more interesting, enriching and enjoyable when compared to uniform, lifeless department store objects. I want to make your cupboards interesting.