January Featured Artists

JANUARY 5 – 31, 2021
Sales Gallery
Doug Peltzman, Jeff Oestreich, Bianka Groves

January Featured Artists: Doug Peltzman, Jeff Oestreich, Bianka Groves

Hello 2021! What’s that? You need a way to celebrate this long-anticipated arrival of a new year? This month’s featured artists offer their mastery of clay. Peltzman, with architectural forms and exacting surface decoration, brings a balance between the lightness of pastel colors and seriousness of crisp execution. Oestreich, brings the inspiration, experience, and respect crossing over decades in the field to work that exudes wisdom, and sometimes humor, and is timelessly relevant. And Groves offers serene insight into the landscape that surrounds her with thoughtful simplicity. This trio brings resiliency and optimism into the gallery!