Hyang Jin Cho

Jin Cho

A ceramic artist, researcher, and educator, Hyang Jin Cho (Fort Collins, CO) has been developing her practice, knowledge, and understanding of the arts in academia since 1991. She is looking forward to the time, space, community, and support that the McKnight Artist Residency for Ceramic Artists will provide for her research, but she is also looking beyond such immediate benefits, noting that the opportunity will provide her the chance to “develop my structures further to create objects examining cultural diversity in the US.” Drawing from the community in which she is immersed, “the structures would represent a land as a home where people with diverse backgrounds could enjoy their lives together.”

Prior to her residency at Northern Clay Center, Cho completed residencies at the European Ceramic Work Center (ECWC) (Oisterwijk, the Netherlands) and Smokestack Pottery (Fort Collins, Colorado). She received her BA in Archeology and Art History in 1991 and her MA in Art History in 1995 from Seoul National University (Seoul, South Korea). Continuing her studies as a postgraduate Foreign Research Student and PhD candidate within the Department of Art History at the University of Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan, Cho turned her academic focus to a more tactile experience as an undergraduate student at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. Over the course of her career, Cho has exhibited work, completed projects and residencies, and published in Korea, Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United States.