March Featured Artists

MARCH 2 – APRIL 3, 2021
Sales Gallery
Ani Kasten, Jamie Lang, Ian Petrie, Laurie Shaman

March Featured Artists: Ani Kasten, Jamie Lang, Ian Petrie, Laurie Shaman

Each of March’s featured artists offers a snapshot, sometimes literally, of a life. These explorations can be highly personal, but also familiar within the context of shared human experience. Ani Kasten’s work captures nature, and sometimes grief, through relatable abstraction. Jamie Lang creates adobe bricks small enough to hold in your hand with images and designs that evoke sentimentality. Ian Petrie’s original comic drawings get to the core of our vulnerability, frustration, and self-deprecation. And Laurie Shaman’s expressive imagery on elegant, contemporary pots details the typically unobserved life found in nature and our neighborhoods.