How It’s Going

Works by past Emerging Artist Grant Recipients and MN NICE Alumni

APRIL 30 – JUNE 20, 2021
Emily Galusha Gallery
Virtual Exhibition: May 6 (online)

How It’s Going offers space for past Emerging Artist Grant Recipients and MN NICE alumni to share where their lives as artists have taken them since their time at NCC. Artifacts of careers in fashion, videography, engineering, architecture, and of course, ceramics help create an intriguing visual dialog. A collaborative, public timeline is a core part of this exhibit, and we invite everyone who has an NCC “moment” to share to contribute to the timeline wall. Whether your story is a date or an image, or an epic saga, it has a place here. Feel welcome to visit the gallery and add to the timeline in person, or submit your notes and/or images to Tippy Maurant at, and they’ll be added for you.

About the Artists

Exhibiting artists include Felice Amato, Ellie Bryan, Aaron Caldwell, Rebecca Chappell, Soojin Choi, Victoria Dawes, Juss Heinsalu, Mike Helke, Peter Jadoonath, Kevin Kao, Davora Lindner, Dawn Malcolm, Kip O’Krongly, Alex Reed, Andrew Rivera, and Peter Ronan.