Director’s Report

Over the course of the last fourteen months, Northern Clay Center has implemented a number of changes through transition, programmatic evolution, introspective evaluation, and the redevelopment of connections with all of its constituents. Guided by the Center’s service-driven mission, our focus has remained on the communities that we serve and the ongoing advancement of the ceramic arts in all of our program areas. Through the development of new platforms, new programming, and with the assistance of an increasingly nimble and openminded approach to all of our practices, our commitment to the mission and community have allowed us to build upon our history and experience in innovative ways that help to further address conversations about accessibility, inclusivity, and diversity that have long been a part of our drive and focus.

As the organization continues on its journey through the 30th Anniversary year that began in the fall of 2020, we have been reminded constantly of the myriad reasons that Northern Clay Center has remained a strong, relevant, and engaging organization in the field of clay. Guided and sustained under the direction of strong leaders and a supportive Board or Directors, the Center has consistently grown, thanks to the dedication of so many individuals who committed their time and energy to a mission and community that they believed in. Driven by a local and national community looking to engage in clay through exhibitions and the sales gallery, education and outreach programming, residency and fellowship opportunities, as well as through our studio program, NCC has been able to provide a welcoming venue and platform for artists, learners, and the community to network and engage. Made possible by both the participation and donations of the community, and generous contributions from various foundations, corporations, and government agencies, the collective vision to support and sustain the organization has helped to facilitate an impact greater than most will realize.

Collectively, these groups have contributed to the ongoing development of Northern Clay Center and the sustained ability to engage innumerable individuals through clay. In recognition of the Center’s 30th anniversary, our spring exhibitions hosted work created by makers who we have been fortunate enough to know and work with in our history. While the gatherings and group celebrations of anniversaries past are still outside of a safe reality given the constraints of the current health crisis, we welcome all to visit the exhibition—in person by reservation, or virtually on our website—to look back at the history of the Center and to partake in an interactive component to mark and record your story in the continuing history of Northern Clay Center.

With the deepest of sincerity, we are grateful for each and every individual who has been a part of NCC’s history since its inception. Through your participation and with your support and trust, Northern Clay Center has continued to advance and evolve to meet the needs of the community, challenge the field, support working artists, and bring clay into the everyday lives of as many people and in as many ways as we are able. Thank you for being a part of the Center’s history and for your ongoing support and involvement as we begin to write the next chapter of NCC’s story.

Kyle Rudy-Kohlhepp