Tippy Maurant

Deputy Director and Director of Galleries & Exhibitions

Tippy is a stage name.  She was born in the 60’s and renamed herself “Tippy” by the time she reached toddlerhood. “Maurant” came later and is a combo of the first names of her three children, all of whom are out in the world making it a better and more interesting place. She comes from a background that views art as a mere hobby, so she opted for a BA in Urban Studies with a declared minor in Childhood Development, (and pursued an undeclared minor in Studio Arts), from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. While making some humans and a career as an independent jewelry-maker/metalsmith, she earned a post-bac from MCAD in Sustainable Design. All along, beginning in 1995, she threaded her way through Northern Clay Center as a student, outreach teacher, clay camp instructor, studio artist, exhibition associate, on and on and on. She is now the Deputy Director and Director of Galleries & Exhibitions and spends her several free hours per week asleep, in her studio, inventing menus and recipes, or planning her escape to an island with sugar sand beaches and water so blue and clear, she can see predatory sea creatures before they attack.