Kyle Rudy-Kohlhepp

Executive Director

For all but five of his 30 some odd years, Kyle has lived in satellite of the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Raised amidst an extended family of skilled craftspeople and creative problem solvers, he became well acquainted with many skills ranging from woodworking and engineering to sewing and upholstery at an early age. Following his graduation from the Perpich Center for Arts Education, where he concentrated in the Literary Arts program, Kyle picked up and moved to Menomonie, WI to earn his BFA in Studio Art after a three-semester foray in the Apparel Design and Development program. With degree in hand, Kyle returned to the metro area to work in various service, management, and accounting positions for a regional home improvement retailer before taking a position at Continental Clay Company as their Head of Retail. After three years of networking and additionally acquired technical knowledge, Kyle joined the staff at Northern Clay Center where all of his acquired, and continually evolving, skills are put to use on a regular basis. Outside of his position; Kyle enjoys what studio time he can gain, camping throughout greater MN, sewing/pattern development, and spending time out and about Minneapolis with those closest to him.