MESSENGER: a 21st century love letter

Emily Galusha Gallery
Virtual Tour available September 23

From sharing selfies to connecting with loved ones, the way we communicate has dramatically changed in the last decade. When digital technology first started to proliferate, the general public was hesitant to adopt this as a valuable and meaningful experience—the fear was the loss of authentic relationships because we couldn’t see who was behind the screen. MESSENGER explores the potential to forge relationships on digital platforms. Adam Chau presents porcelain tiles in the shape of smartphones with real messages sent to a stranger after a chance meeting in Italy. Now married to the person he shared messages with for six months without meeting, Chau reflects on how impactful these interactions can be and can alter the course of life, proposing the instant message as a 21st Century love letter.

Chau writes, “My husband and I lived in different countries for many years and without the web I wouldn’t have been able to have sustained our connection. The messages I sent him are just as heartfelt as sending and receiving a handwritten letter.”

Adam Chau is a working artist in New York who currently resides and works in Denmark. A graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, his practice hybridizes digital manufacturing with traditional ceramic techniques. His research has been widely published and curatorial efforts for his passion in digital ceramics have included Reinvented, a 13-person exhibition travelling to five locations in two years. In 2018 he received the NCECA Emerging Artist Award and in 2019 became a member of the International Academy of Ceramics. Chau has had solo exhibitions at venues including Harvard Ceramics, The Clay Studio, and Manchester Craftsman’s Guild. He is currently on the board of Artaxis and is a co-organizer for The Color Network.

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