Martha Rehkamp

Martha Rehkamp took her first handbuilding class six years ago, which right away proved to be a revelation for her artistic expression. She quickly devoted her spare time to working with clay. Rehkamp has since been molding, stamping, and stretching porcelain to echo the curves and forms found in plant life, and experimenting with alternative firing techniques. Rehkamp enjoys a process grounded in experimentation with the goal of making intimate containers and objects that evoke memory and honor her natural surroundings. She is currently the founder and principal of Ditty + Rehkamp, an independent rep group that designs and furnishes commercial and communal spaces. She is participating in the MN NICE program with a goal of working towards becoming a full-time artist and ceramicist, and is anticipating the advancement of her technical knowledge and the growth that will come from being in a community of critical thinkers and mentoring artists.