Katie Reeves

Katie Reeves is a Queer ceramic artist originally from Minnesota. Having recently completed two undergraduate degrees in art education and fine arts with a concentration in ceramics at the University of Wisconsin-Stout (Menomonie, WI), their most recent exhibition was their senior show which took place in February. Reeves threw on the wheel for the first time in their early teenage years and immediately fell in love with the medium. Some ten years later, ceramics continues to be their passion. Over the course of the last three years, Reeves’ work has been in over 25 exhibitions across the United States. They make functional ceramic wares focusing on the themes of sexuality, femininity, intimacy, and classicality. Reeves intends to attend graduate school in the future to become a college professor and maker, but their focus for the time being is to work on building their presence within the field of ceramics.