Katie Reeves

Katie Reeves (they/them)

I make functional ceramic ware that focuses on the themes of sexuality, femininity, classicality, and intimacy. My sexuality plays a large role in what I make. As a lesbian, I am very attracted to femininity. I reference the female form in my work with the use of soft and voluptuous curves in my pieces. Using porcelain as a clay body, and the addition of sprigs and slip trailing, I create work that is feminine and delicate, while simultaneously being bold and sassy. My work makes direct references to antiquity—specifically Baroque and Rococo ornamentation. I am drawn to the intricate and extravagant detailing on old metal ware, such as that on antique frames, silverware, and furniture. Using slip detailing, I create intricate designs that mimic many of these patterns. I enjoy the combinations of decorative embellishments and use many of these qualities in my functional ware. These techniques give my pieces an elegant feel. I focus on making work that is comfortable in the hand and on the mouth. My work emphasizes the moments of contact between the user and the object. The suppleness of the curves and the textures of the slip trailing are meant to invite the viewer to run their fingers along each moment. I enjoy watching the user interact with the piece as they discover every texture.