Sean Lofton

Artist Services Coordinator

Sean Lofton (he/him( is originally from the east coast of Florida where he developed a love for the intercoastal environment that surrounded him. He spent much of his early life interacting with the arts through comic books and film, but never considered it as a potential career. After working in logistics during his twenties, he eventually found his way back to school and received his BFA in fine arts with a concentration in ceramics form the University of North Florida (Jacksonville). His early ceramic work was focused on the production of wood-fired pottery. While working on his MFA at the University of Missouri (Columbia) his practice continually shifted toward the sculptural. He now spends the bulk of his studio time trying to combine his interests in film and architecture. He has shown his ceramic work nationally and plans to continue developing a healthy studio practice in Minneapolis. When not working with clay, Sean can usually be found reading through the ABCs of science fiction, watching his favorite movies, or trying reconcile the lack of scientific evidence with his hope that intelligent extraterrestrial life has visited earth.