In Plain Sight

MAY 6 – JUNE 25
Galusha Gallery
Free public opening reception Friday, May 5, 6 – 8 pm

Within the walls of Northern Clay Center, there are teaching studios, a library, offices, a kiln room, a glaze bay, galleries, and a space dedicated to bringing clay to the community through our outreach program.

One of the largest spaces in the building, however, is occupied by shared, private, and residency studios. Most who visit NCC see evidence of the space, and the talented makers within, every single time they are here. They might be teaching a workshop or class or rolling a cart to the kiln room. They might be behind a respirator in the glaze mixing room or loading a vehicle for a show out in the world. Perhaps you’ve said hi while warming tea in the breakroom or even volunteered with them.

The studio program at NCC began with a group of visionary and dedicated artists when the doors first opened in 1990. Today, there are 37 artists participating in the program and contributing their talents and generosity to the community at NCC through sales, lectures, classes, and many appreciated volunteer hours.

Until 2020 brought us the pandemic, the public was encouraged to roam through the studios to explore and engage, and while the studio artists are usually right in front of us and accessible in other parts of the building, the public closure of the studio space seemed to elevate the desire of visitors to see it.

The rich resource of talent, dedication, and resiliency of the NCC studio artists is the focus of this spring’s exhibition in the Galusha Gallery space. This exhibition, designed to bring the work and voices from the studios into a formal gallery setting, is offered to encourage the recognition of the community of makers who are right here in our everyday NCC world.

Virtual Tour

A selection of work from the exhibition will available to purchase directly from our website. If you would like to enquire about work not online, please contact us at 612.339.8007, or, we’ll be happy to help!