NCECA 2023

NCC’s sales gallery, exhibition, and artist services programs will participate in Current, the 57th annual conference held in Cincinnati, OH by the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA). The conference will take place March 15 – 18 in person at the Duke Energy Convention Center.

During the four day conference, NCC will offer the work of guest artists, sales gallery artists, NCC Emerging Artist Residents, and 2023 American Pottery Festival artists through our booth in the Gallery Expo at the convention center. We look forward to returning to the event in person and building the relationships with artists and ceramic appreciators that keep NCC vital and expand our community!

During the event, we will promote our grant and residency programs for current students, emerging artists, and mid-career artists in person at the conference. This is a great opportunity to ask questions, interact with staff, and receive valuable information about the myriad opportunities NCC has for artists at all career stages.

If you are attending the conference online this year, please visit our website and social media profiles to say hello, enjoy new work, learn about opportunities, and maybe even add to your collection! If you are able to attend in person, please stop by our resource table and Gallery Expo booth to introduce yourself and say hello!

As of press time, NCECA Gallery Expo artists include: Posey Bacopoulos, Tom Bartel, Johannah Cairns, Darcy Delgado, Eleanor Foy, Nancy Green, Bill Jones, Shikha Joshi, Sean Lofton, Mary Martin, Ron Meyers, Evelyn Rose Mtika, Kim Murton, Lizbeth Navarro, Katie Reeves, Andrew Rivera, Katie Bosley Sabin, Dwayne Sackey, Ted Saupe, Randy Schutt, Taylor Sijan, Olivia Tani, Minsoo Yuh