Carolina Niebres

I make vessels with clay, fire, and my entire being. As I make each piece, I ask the universe to imbue them with the most positive energy for health and wellness. I strive for beautiful lines and an eye towards functionality. My work is primarily wheel thrown with some pieces altered out of round. I also create pieces by handbuilding using slabs or extruded parts. Some pieces have texture applied leading to simpler decoration with flashing slip or by leaving a surface entirely bare. Quieter forms lend themselves to my love of patterns created with wax resist and glaze. The patterns that I use are mostly inspired by tribal tattoos from the cultures and nature of Pacific Islands. All my pieces are fired atmospherically at high temperatures, with mixture of soda ash and water sprayed into the kiln. The serendipity of the flame and soda ash adds a presence and movement to my work that makes each piece unique. All of the time and energy expended during the creative process is for each piece of pottery to enhance the lives of those who find them.