E.C. Comstock

E.C. Comstock, Three, 2022, reduction-cooled soda -fired stoneware, waxed fabric, honey, wet clay, plaster refuse.

E.C. Comstock is a ceramic artist who most recently lived and worked in Helena, Montana at the Archie Bray Foundation. They graduated from The University of Utah (Salt Lake City) in 2022 with an Honors BFA emphasizing ceramics, and focused their thesis work on the applications of new materialism to contemporary ceramics. Her process centers the dusty, perverse, and devotional forms that intimacy with material takes on. She delights in generating a range of static and relational works, reaching across disciplines while perpetually returning to clay as a vital community. Comstock has exhibited work at the Utah Statewide Annual, Carbondale Clay Center (Colorado), and at Pratt Institute‚Äôs Pratt Manhattan Gallery (New York). They have performed in Berlin (Germany), Salt Lake City (Utah), and Bakersville (North Carolina). where they worked at Penland School of Craft. When away from the studio, Comstock enjoys stumbling around fields and trails or reading with a stout in hand.