January Featured Artists

January 3 – February 4, 2024
Sales Gallery & Online

It’s a new year. It’s likely cold where you are. You could no doubt use some sunshine and a nap. We could all use a little extra light this time of year. This January’s featured show in the sales gallery is all about light and warmth in the long, dark days of winter. Mugs for steaming cider, lamps to read by, candlesticks to host flickering flames, knitting bowls, and hand-poured votives in small ceramic bowls from local candle magician, Nina Dojan. Come explore a space filled with light and hundreds of works to bring illumination into your own space! 

Welcoming guest artists Alana Cuellar, Eleanor Foy, Sarah German, Julian Gruber, and Ashley Hise. Featuring special new works by Maggie Jaszczak, Ani Kasten, and Brent Pafford.