American Pottery Festival

American Pottery Festival

Join us for the 24th Annual American Pottery Festival, September 2 – 4. Our annual fundraiser will once again gather national ceramic artists representing the best in their fields, and offer a diverse array of ideations, processes, forms, and surfaces. This year, we hope to kick off our annual event with our Opening Night Party on Friday, September 2, 2022. We’ll keep you informed!

The American Pottery Festival is an annual three-day event that serves as our largest fundraiser. It is a mindfully-forged platform that brings together makers, clay lovers, learners, collectors, and the simply curious, to build community and be inspired.

Each year, the event includes artists from large and small markets around the country, all career stages and ages, and familiar local gems. The richness of experience, knowledge, and generosity represented by 2022’s artists will provide learning opportunities for everyone, from student to collector to fellow maker. The weekend is always filled with opportunities to engage directly with artists during artist talks, workshops, lectures, panel discussions, and, hopefully, casual gallery chats.

American Pottery Festival 2022 Invited Artists:
Darcy Delgado, Maria Dondero, Christina Margarita Erives, Brett Freund, Delvin M. Goode, Nancy Green, Turiya Gross, Sarah Haven, Joshua Hebbert, Mike Jabbur, Maggie Jaszczak, Tom Jaszczak, Lee Love, Mary Martin, Lizbeth Navarro, Kip O’Krongly, Brent Pafford, Patti Paiz-Jones, Al Clemente Saks, Tricia Schmidt, Mike Stumbras, Minsoo Yuh, Sunkoo Yuh

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