Artists of NCC

JULY 16 – AUGUST 28, 2011
Main Gallery, Emily Galusha Gallery

Every two years, Northern Clay Center turns the exhibition spotlight on our many talented teachers, students, resident artists, current artists on staff and clay camp-goers.  This exhibition was an invitation to view the wide variety of art making that goes on at NCC: functional and sculptural works, made with low- and high-fire clays, traditional reduction glazes and soda-fired surfaces, and everything in between. For this special 20th Anniversary edition of Artists of NCC, we also invited ceramic artists who were members of the Board of Directors and/or the Artists Advisory Committee from October, 1990 to September, 1991—the first year of full operation of the Center.

Participating founding artists included: Robert Briscoe, Marshall Browne, Victoria Christen, Gary Crawford, Gary Erickson, Ron Gallas, Randy Johnston, Peter Leach, Warren MacKenzie, Jan McKeachie-Johnston, Michael Padgett, Donovan Palmquist, Joellyn Rock, Monica Rudquist, Susan Spencer, Mary Swartout, John Turula, Elaine Woldorsky.

Participating teaching, staff, and studio artists included: Mary Aguilar, Suzanna Schlesinger Altman, Marion Angelica, Sue Bergan, Megan Bergström, Margaret Bohls, Karen Brown, Kasey Bullerman, Philip Burke, Malcolm Burleigh, Tom Carli, Krissy Catt, Kevin Caufield, Alex Chinn, Elizabeth Coleman, Attila Ray Dabasi, Peter D’Ascoli, Mark Davison, Stephanie DeArmond, Leila Denecke, Sara Eno, Ann Fendorf, Sara Fenlason, Kathleen Fitzgerald, Joel Froehle, Daniel Gardner, Nick Giles Lauer, Katharine Gotham, Adam Gruetzmacher, Ursula Hargens, Patricia Haynes, Lois Ann Helgeson, Lauren Herzak-Bauman, Karin Holen, Franny Hyde, Roxanne Jackson, Peter Jadoonath, Matt Jorgensen, Andy Juelich, Matthew Krousey, Jamie Lang, Cynthia Levine, Joan Lieberman, Lee Love, Peter Lupori, Roberta Massuch, Marta Matray, Tippy Maurant, Kate Maury, Karen McPherson, Emily Merhar, Anna Metcalfe, Sarah Millfelt, Pauline Mitchell, Kathy Mommsen, Christian Novak, Susan Obermeyer, Claire O’Connor, Kip O’Krongly, Kristin Pavelka, Angela Renee, Jennifer Rogers, Kathryn Rosebear, Jack Rumpel, Irene Saito, Chris Scott, Katie Sherman, Ginny Sims, Audra Smith, David Swenson, Julia Timm, Matt Van Dusen, Mary Ann Wark, Holly Williams, Lucy V. Yogerst.