New Millennium Japanese Ceramics

Main Gallery, Emily Galusha Gallery

This exhibition was the final event of Northern Clay Center’s year-long 20th Anniversary celebration. Guest-curated by Daniel H. Rosen, it featured objects by younger, emerging Japanese sculptors who work in clay, outside the tradition of functional Japanese ceramics. Participants included Chiho Aono (Linz, Austria), Makiko Hattori (Obu City, Aichi Prefecture), Takashi Hinoda (Kyotanabe City, Kyoto), Rina Hongo (Tajimi-shi, Gifu-ken), Naoto Nakada (Machida City, Tokyo), Kyoko Tokumaru (Tokyo), and Jumpei Ueda (Toluca, Estado de Mexico, Mexico). These artists still work in forms and with ideas that are embedded in and expressive of a particular sense of materials and pop culture, and that play with and against Japanese traditions. The exhibition also included a mix of artists not shown previously in this country, with those who have had some exposure here already.

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Additional Resources

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Takashi Hinoda’s website:

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Kyoko Tokumaru’s website:

This exhibition was underwritten with generous support from Bruce and Martha Atwater, the Butler Family Foundation, Continental Clay Company, George & Frances Reid, and the Windgate Charitable Foundation.