Fogelberg, Red Wing, and APS Artists

JANUARY 18 – MARCH 2, 2014
Emily Galusha Gallery

The Fogelberg, Red Wing, and APS Artists exhibition featured the work of Kevin Rohde and Josh Stover, both 2012 Fogelberg Studio Fellowship recipients; Colleen Riley, the 2013 Red Wing Collectors Society Foundation Award recipient; and Adam Gruetzmacher, the 2012 Anonymous Potter Studio (APS) Fellowship recipient. 

Kevin Rohde was the Lormina Salter Fellow at Baltimore Clayworks, Baltimore, MD. His figurative work boasted intrigue through the figure’s physical and facial expressions, as well as through a focal point that makes clear the piece’s underlying message. Rohde used his fellowship to expand on his current body of work.

Josh Stover was an artist-in-residence at the Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach, FL. His earthenware pottery is decorated with narrative
illustrations that reflect on cartoons, toys, animals, and rural cultures. Stover used his fellowship year to begin to incorporate sculptural aspects into his current work.

Colleen Riley, a full-time ceramic artist, has been working in and teaching ceramics for over 10 years. Her functional wares, inspired by rhythmic patterns and textures indigenous to her home, strive to be both comfortable and elegant. She used her award to study printmaking techniques—calligraphy in particular—in order to broaden and inform her narrative concepts.

Adam Gruetzmacher creates earthenware pots that juxtapose the uniqueness of handmade pottery with the pluralistic nature of mass-produced forms. He used his fellowship year to further investigate this relationship and its balance in his own life. Gruetzmacher is currently the Building Maintenance Technician at Northern Clay Center.