Fogelberg, Red Wing, and APS Artists

JANUARY 16 – FEBRUARY 28, 2016
Emily Galusha Gallery

Opening Reception: Friday, January 15, 6 – 8 pm

The Fogelberg, Red Wing, and APS Artists exhibition featured the work of Autumn Higgins and Brady McLearen, 2014 recipients of the Fogelberg Studio Fellowship; Anna Metcalfe, the 2015 Red Wing Collectors Society Foundation Award recipient; and Michelle Summers and Iren Tete, both recipients of the 2014 Anonymous Potter Studio Fellowship award.

The artists, along with participants in the Three Jerome Artists, gave brief presentations about their work beginning at 4 pm. 

Autumn Higgins’ porcelain vessels illustrate the human narrative through images from her everyday life. Residing in Minneapolis, she takes familiar scenes and images, focused on the “monotony of the ordinary day,” and presents them back to the viewer, capturing the in-between moments of life and presenting the viewer an opportunity to identify with “the moments that make life full.”

Brady McLearen’s work is focused on the assemblage of parts, constructed in various scales and proportions, and then cut, trimmed, altered, and reassembled in different ways. While he often works with a predetermined plan, the process also allows for moments of discovery.

Anna Metcalfe’s work is an exploration of ceramics within the context of ceremony, ritual, and everyday interaction with forms that exist to function. She states that as an artist “one of my goals is to simultaneously empower my community to participate in and take ownership of art and artful living… my pieces are meant to be tactile intercessors between people.”

Michelle Summers’ ceramics are an exploration of her inner space, both conscious and subconscious, depicting abstract spaces and characters that exist within the complexity of her mind. The scenes depicted in her work are often playful and innocent, offering the contemplative viewer a “weightless dream-like world” upon which to reflect.

Iren Tete creates vessels that are the result of careful and intentional use of form and color, exposed to the uncontrollable elements of atmospheric firing. Inspired by the formal strength of architectural elements, and the whimsy of weathered circus equipment, she aims to harmonize the contrasts of the two aesthetics into a single experience.

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