Three Jerome Artists

JANUARY 16 – FEBRUARY 28, 2016
Main Gallery

Opening Reception: Friday, January 15, 6 – 8 pm

Three Jerome Artists featured the work of the 2015 Jerome Ceramic Artist Project Grant recipients: Brett Freund, Adam Gruetzmacher, and Joe Singewald.

The artists, along with participants in the Emerging Artists Exhibition, gave brief presentations about their work beginning at 4 pm. 

Brett Freund uses these verbs to describe his studio practice: “cut, stamp, attach, alter, glaze, sand, stack, mishima, make molds, cast, and fire.” To this list of skills, he added a 3D printer, capable of extruding plastic clay to render components in a new method.

Adam Gruetzmacher used his time to further develop his line of mid-range ceramics, experimenting with clay bodies, surface, and glaze to add variety and depth to his work. Gruetzmacher also expanded his studio space to be more functional for his practice and will be in residence at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts as part of his career growth.

Joe Singewald pursued a new line of wood-fired pottery, moving from wheel-thrown work, to create a body of handbuilt forms with the same “qualities of form, texture, volume, and surface” as his past work. Singewald also updated his studio equipment, including his kiln, ventilation, and extruder.

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