Susan Schweitzer

My work is built around interweaving form, fluidity, and space. My textures are developed in layers to carry the visual experience inward. Cultural influences from travels abroad often play a role in my artwork—from hearing the roar of the white lions in South Africa to exploring the pyramids of Teotihuacan. Working with clay, I ponder humanity and preservation at the core essence of being.

I work with white and stoneware clay bodies and apply stains to accentuate my mark making. Glaze and colorants are added selectively, leaving exposed raw clay to interact with the firing process. Soda firing leaves an imprint, revealing how the fire dances around my work.

Working with clay is meditative and allows me time to connect with my inner rhythm. I enjoy the flow of compressing the clay, opening and expanding the form, and interweaving surface treatments. I know a piece is complete when all the elements feel in concert with one another.

In a world of constant motion and stimulation overload, the intention of my work is to create better clarity in the moment. My desire is that through the experience of my work, people see something in a different way—a moment of curiosity that opens to possibility, a discovery that awakens wonderment, or exploration without trepidation.