Robert Lieder

Outreach and Studio Technician

Although Bobby is originally from La Crosse, WI, he arrived in Minnesota by way of Ft. Hood, TX, where he was stationed as an armored crewman aboard an M1 Abrams tank. In 2007, he boarded an airplane bound for Iraq for what he calls “an extended beach vacation without the water.” After six years of honorably serving his country, Bobby moved back to the Midwest to attend college and figure out the next chapter of his life. Fortunately, he found his calling through the happenstance of an elective ceramics course at Normandale Community College. After receiving an Associate’s degree, he moved on to Concordia St. Paul to pursue a Bachelor’s in Studio Art and fell in love with wood firing, finding the comradery akin to his time in the military. In December of 2015, he graduated from college and by May of 2016, he began working at NCC as the Outreach Technician. The conduit through which all outreach projects are processed, he is the transit, firing, and safe passage coordinator for each clay project made outside of NCC’s walls, and then some. He feels fortunate to have found his footing within such a great community and looks forward to the possibilities the future holds.