Kate Maury

Clay has the ability to reveal the passions of life.

I have been fortunate to learn from those who appreciated historic pots, asked dynamic questions, and understood the inherent beauty of the journey. The strong throwing foundation of my undergraduate experience and the open-ended questions of graduate school, challenged by the daily discourse of life, has led me to this current work.

Within my journey as an artist, the pursuit of functional ware that transcended time has given way to the intoxicating revelry of the aesthetic drunk. The formal elements of functional ware and the systematic approach within the throwing process are still deeply cherished however they are now backdrop for the overtly decorative. Previous assumptions or “rules” are now suspect.

Centerpieces for celebratory moments are made from repurposed craft hobby molds that embellish surfaces and construct elements of a vessel or flower. Most recently, the embellishment itself has become the subject matter by way of candy-colored flowers made of borax crystals and porcelain sprigs. These compositions of various hues are displayed under protective cloches referencing Victorian shell-flower art.

In the end, I want only the visual pleasures of abundance in texture, tactility, and lushness of excess to exude from each piece.