Akshar Patel

Akshar Patel, Strelitzia Vase (L) IV, 2022, slab-built porcelain with slip-trailed newsprint transfer, stamped interior and base, brushed on diluted underglazes, clear glaze.

Akshar “Shar” Patel is an early career artist based in North Florida. Patel has been applying his unique stamp to the medium ever since he was first introduced to clay in 2010. His inspiration arises from multiple facets of his life including the natural environment, South Asian culture, and studies in botany and marine invertebrates. Since 2020, Patel’s work has focused on porcelain slab-building that showcases hours of meticulous surface work through various layers of techniques and slightly altered forms. Prominent motifs that have become iconic of Patel’s work, are southern magnolia, bird of paradise, passionflower, plumeria, lotus, and water lily.  

In 2020, Patel and his sister, Krishna Patel started their ceramics business, Baum Road Studios, where they travel to fine art festivals across the South and East coast to showcase their individual works. As of mid-2022, Patel’s work has further ventured into jewelry in the form of one-of-a-kind porcelain earrings and pendants that are hand-incised with patterns and illustrations, then brushed with multiple layers of precious metal lusters that match the handmade fastenings.  

Patel was selected as an Emerging Artist Award Recipients for the 2022 Fine Art Festival of Ocala for his jewelry. His work has been shown in exhibitions across the country and can regularly be found in galleries and boutiques throughout Florida as well as in Thomasville, Georgia and Cape Cod, Massachusetts